5 USA Attractions You Won’t Want To Miss!

5 USA Attractions You Won’t Want To Miss!


Rhode Island, New England

America is such a huge country that it’s very hard to whittle my list down to just 5 USA attractions you won’t want to miss! I’ve gone for a bit of everything here, so hopefully there will be something for everyone. Take a peek!

You will find Rhode Island about 70 miles from Boston airport and it will only take you 1.5 hours by car. Home to 21 extremely picturesque lighthouses, Rhode Island is a photographers dream.

Although Rhode Island is not actually an island, there are still some great sights to see. Tucked away along the coastline are some fantastic beach locations and tons of natural beauty spots. You can take in the views along the Blackstone River or visit some of the more traditional American farms in the area. The weather here is seasonal so try to avoid the colder months to appreciate the full beauty of costal life.

5 USA Attractions You Won't Want To Miss! ; BODEGA TAQUERIA Y TEQUILA, miami travel blog

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South Beach, Miami

Americans are so lucky…..No matter were they live in the US, they are normally only a few hours drive away for a nice HOT sandy beach. None more famous than South Beach. Luckily for us stuck over here in the UK, we can just hop on a Thomas Cook Airlines Flight direct to Miami. Not bad for sun in just over 9 hours!

A sun lovers haven that’s for sure, but there is more than meets the eye along the beaches of Miami. If you happen to walk in to Bodega Taqueria Y Tequila, you may think that it’s just a small, trendy taco bar. Don’t make conclusions too soon! Spot the porta loo hanging on the wall and venture inside to find a hidden nightclub. Hidden bars and restaurants are a big thing in Miami, try The Foxhole Bar too, but don’t be too wary of the sleepy alley way that hides it’s location.  If exploring during the twilight hours is not for you then laze the day away with beach buyer service at Nikki Beach Club instead.

5 use you won't want to missFort Bragg, California

If it’s one of a kind views you’re looking for or you are a major photography buff then Fort Bragg has some very unique sights. These beautiful rock formations can only be found in a few places around the world. You aren’t likely to find anything like this unless you’re in somewhere like exotic Thailand.

You will also find this area of California also boasts swimmable tidal pools, which are only visible at certain times of the day. Head out a bit to MacKerricher State Park and you will find a very colourful sea glass, pebble beach created from years of garbage pollution. Beautifully eroded glass makes this site a one of a kind.

Flights to San Francisco airport start from around £429 one way.


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If you’re an American history buff then Philadelphia is right up your street! It seems that this is where the great revolution took some huge steps forward. You’ll find things like The Liberty Bell, The National Constitution Centre, Independence Hall and the birthplace of the American flag! You can even visit America’s first zoo, Eastern State Penitentiary and Morris Arboretum (a Victorian landscape garden) all without leaving the city!

Failing all of the above, you can get some major selfie points on the famous Rocky Balboa steps! Flights can be found to New York with Thomas Cook Airlines from just £462.99. An hour and a halves drive later and you’ll be in Philly enjoying a cheese steak….Fresh Prince style 🙂

5 usa attractions you won't want to miss

Big Sur, California

Living in the UK can be a bit of a bummer sometimes as although we have some beautiful coastlines, we don’t quite get the weather to go with it. California on the other hand has everything!

The Big Sur is California’s most famous coastline and runs from Carmel to San Simeon. The Pacific coast line can be a bit rough in places but also offered some truly spectacular sights. It is a very popular driving route so why not hire a convertible and ride in true American style.

You can fly in to LAX airport direct from the UK. Flights from Manchester are actually quicker than London. If you want that added bit of comfort, go for premium economy which is available on all long haul flights to the with Thomas Cook Airlines.

Flights to the USA are available from Thomas Cook Airlines starting at around £169 one way.

Which is your favourite US city?

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  • These places all look amazing and I have never been to any of them. I live in Texas and we love to travel but mostly around here because it is so big and we have some amazing places too!

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  • We’ve been wanting to go to South Beach, Miami. I hadn’t considered the other four.

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  • South Beach IS beautiful but there are awesome beaches on the other Florida coast and we have amazing sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico!

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    I would like to go to Big Sur, California. It as a breathtaking view. Close to nature and relaxing.

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    I’ve only heard of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Now that I know about one in California, I’d like to go visit there. Of course, South Beach in Miami would be an awesome vacation. The tiny state of Rhode Island never seems to get any attention, so this would be a must-see state.

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