Foundation Is Key!

Foundation Is Key!

Foundation is Key to getting the rest of your make up look right! Just like any house, starting with a solid base is necessary if you want the perfect canvas to paint on all your beautiful colours!

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There are various brands and also types of foundations and base creams, BB creams, CC creams and tinted moisturisers. It can all get a little confusing!
Make sure you test out the colour of your foundation on your hand before buying and rub in well to make sure you find your perfect match.
You can also buy darker colours to make contour lines just under the cheek bone for great definition.
Here I have used Kiehl’s BB Cream as a base foundation and these type of correcting creams are great for the light make up look on their own or as a base under a foundation to help you get the completely flawless finish. As you can see it gives good coverage and is not too overpowering or cakey.
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Don’t forget your concealer!
Most people don’t know this, but a make up artist trick is to put the concealer on after you have finished your eyeshadow and eyebrows. This is so that you can wipe away any colour residue and not ruin your face make up in the process.
Always go for a lighter than skin tone shade in a concealer as it is meant to cover darker areas and lighten/brighten dark circles!
Here I am using the Korres Wild Rose Concealer. I prefer the concealers with a pen as it makes application really easy and less messy!
Tip for a great finish, use a pointed sponge to dab over the concealer until it is blended in!

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Here is the finished base look with foundation and concealer applied and blended. Looks pretty good to me!
Do you have any make up tips or tricks you would like to share?
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