Are You Using Vitamins In Your Beauty Regime?

Are You Using Vitamins In Your Beauty Regime?

We are constantly hounded about how to eat healthy in order to maintain our bodies but you also need to eat healthy for your skin and hair too! Unfortunately with our busy lifestyles and often eating whatever we can grab, it’s just so hard to find the right balance.

Did you know that for your hair, skin and nails to be in their optimum condition you need to eat things high in the vitamins our body needs in high quantities every day. These include foods like Veal, Dark Chocolate, Eggs, Nuts and Fatty Fish, as well as getting way more sunlight than is humanly possible, well if you live in the UK anyway! How is it even possible to eat that much? I know that with work and making food for the kids and the hubby it’s just way to much to try and make sure we are all eating exactly what we should be every day. Help is definitely needed.

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Which Vitamins Do What?

Hair – Vitamin C, B3 & Biotin

Skin – Vitamin C, D, E & K

Nails – Iron, Zinc & B12

Energy – Magnesium

Brain Function – DHA

Hormonal Balance – Vitamin B6

Supplements are a great way to ensure that you are getting all the vital ingredients needed to keep your hair shining and your skin clear and youthful. Obviously you don’t want to have to take 10 – 15 different vitamins everyday so a combination tablet is the easiest and most convenient way to stock up your body cupboard.

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Make sure you keep using your usual skin and hair care products to minimise the effects that the environment is having on your body. With a combination of both of these routines you are sure to notice a difference in a matter of weeks. You will also start to feel better in yourself! Let’s not forget the positive benefits taking a dual capsule supplement like the Perfect 7 Woman vitamins will have on your heart, vision, brain function, energy levels and hormonal activity. It’s so important to keep your body healthy on the inside too.

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So the question is, are you getting enough of the right vitamins to achieve those long shiny locks and flawless skin you’ve been hankering after?

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What are you top tips for keeping up nutrition?

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