How To Get Great Skin With The WOW Mask

How To Get Great Skin With The WOW Mask

There are all types of masks and creams out there promising you huge results for your skin. I have just been sent a new type of mask, from WOW Mask which is a brand made in California and promises anti ageing results by lifting and rejuvenating your skin. It’s very different to the face masks you can buy in the shops or online at the moment and is more of a spa like treatment than a quick 5 min mask and rinse from a jar.

Tons of women in America are raving about it so I thought I would give it a go!


The mask itself comes in two especially shaped strips which you place on your face. It’s made of a gel like material and can be a bit slippery as it contains lots of product, so make sue you are lying down when applying! The face masks are very moist and the effects can be seen as soon as you remove the mask and rinse off the residue. They even smell nice too! Leave on for about 20-40 mins, the longer, the better the results!


The WOW Mask contains Argireline, RMCP-complex, collagen matrix enriched with peptides and vegetable cell extracts, which is a mix of science and nature. Collagen and botanics are infused in to the skin to leave a baby soft texture behind, plumping out any fine wrinkles you may have. It’s also a great mask for blemish prone skin as the anti oxidants help to cleanse away dirt and calm swollen pores at the same time. A sure way to get great skin!

I wasn’t quite sure if I would be able to put this on at home myself, but its actually quite easy and not sticky at all so it didn’t become too messy. Using the WOW Mask is definitely a really easy way to get that post facial glow when you’re in a hurry and can’t make it to the salon. It’s also a much cheaper alternative!

The masks can be purchased singly for £14 or in a pack of 5 individually sealed masks for £60, directly from WOW Mask.

Have you tried the WOW Mask and if not will you?

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how to get great skin with the wow mask

Wow Mask £14


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