How To Wear Velvet This Spring Summer

How To Wear Velvet This Spring Summer - fashion blog post

You may think that just because the sun is out and the rain seems to have stopped, at least for the moment, that the cosy fashion trend velvet has gone for good. Nah ha, let me share my favourite tips on how to wear velvet this spring summer!

I’ve been holding on to these pics I had done for ASOS a couple of months ago so I thought I might as well use them before the season is out. I am absolutely in love with these Crushed Velvet Trousers and there have spurred me on with my quest to always wear a little bit of velvet. Well for the next few seasons anyway.

 How To Wear Velvet This Spring Summer - uk curve blog

So What’s On My Velvet Wish List?

I love bringing lighter colours in for the cutest of summer outfits. Pinks, pastel blues, light greens and my old fav, lilac. Obviously it’s hard enough to look super fashion forward when the sun is melting your make up as you stand. Velvet is normally associated with being warm and keeping the heat in, but that doesn’t have to be the case! There are plenty of ways to accessorise with velvet in 2017 with some eye catching on trend pieces that will make any outfit rock. Trust me I should know after hours of trawling the shops.

How To Wear Velvet This Spring Summer - uk fashion curve blogger How To Wear Velvet This Spring Summer - uk curve blogger

From shoes to bags and chokers there is definitely something for everyone. Maybe you thinking that velvet is not for you but I beg to differ, velvet is for everyone. And…if you’re wanting to make more of a velvet statement, then have no fear because the velvet summer dress is here! I found one of the cutest little Lilac Bardot Dress with Pleat Skirt over at ASOS and it’s a bargain at just £25! If you’re more of a mink colour girl then try this amazing Tulle Dress by Little Mistress #Obsessed! So now it’s just a case of finding somewhere to wear my new velvet wardrobe…..suggestions?

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  • Alli Smith

    I have a blue velvet sofa that I absolutely adore. I’ve never worn velvet because I’ve never really known how to put together an outfit with velvet. Your velvet trousers are amazing as is the entire outfit. You look beautiful! I may have to start off slow by adding a velvet bag or shoes before taking the velvet plunge. It sure looks good on you!

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  • Your photos are so so beautiful !

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  • LisaLisa01

    You look so beautiful! I have never thought about wearing velvet during this season but I tell you what, you are wearing that outfit!! I may now try and see if I can match me up a nice velvet outfit!

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  • Jocelyn Marie

    Those crushed velvet wide legs had me fooled! I thought it was a high waisted skirt. Either way, they look fabulous on you! I miss the 90s velvet trend. I’m glad to see it making a comeback.

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  • Tweet E

    I have to admit, when I see velvet I think winter. Too hot for spring. You’ve definitely convinced me otherwise. I love all the looks you show here. So lovely!

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  • Rebecca Swenor

    This is an adorable outfit and I actually love the feel of velvet. I will have to check these pants out along with the ASOS PETITE Velvet Off Shoulder Dress with Pleated Skirt. Thanks for sharing this awesome outfit and the other velvet clothing.

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