Keeping It Festival Chic This Summer

Keeping It Festival Chic This Summer

We are well in to festival season right now and if you’re not 17 and want to still rock that boho chic style, there are plenty of alternatives around to teeny tiny denim shorts and crop tops. Festivals are all about fun and hippy style.

My main thing with festivals is that I have to feel comfortable. There is a lot of walking and it’s a really long day and unless you really love traipsing the mile or so back to your tent, it’s likely you won’t get the chance to change or refresh your look for the whole day. The good old ‘port a loo’ toilets aren’t the best places for a quick touch up either, so it’s best to keep your style really casual, airy and not too heavy.

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Key points to remember are to wear a large hat and sunglasses, you don’t want to be under the sun (no matter how mild) all day without some kind of sun protection. Take a large fringed bag to set of that festival vibe and make sure you’ve packed your mini sun lotion in there too!

Add bangles and go for gold or earthy tones and natural materials to really stand out and finish off that festival look.

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If you haven’t already picked up this seasons most wanted item, grab yourself a pair of chunky espadrilles, they are everywhere right now but I picked out this gorgeous and really comfy pair by Les Petits Prix over at La Redoute. There were tons of other gorgeous styles too, so it was very hard to pick just one!

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I love, love, love this dress! It’s a beautiful mustard yellow and so light and easy to wear. This is the perfect festival dress for me as it keeps me quite covered from the sun and is really flowey. Just what you need for a long day out and about. I can really see myself wearing it to a festival this summer. Let’s just hope I don’t end up at a rainy one 🙁 At least the sun is shining today.

Hair is another way to add a bit of festival style to your outfit. I have opted for a simple half up messy braid. It’s really easy to do and because it’s a messy style you can’t really get it wrong. Part your hair slightly over to one side and braid around to the opposite ear. Pin in with some grips and ‘voila’. If you are really in the spirit of festival season then add some feathers to your braid and a couple of tribal lines to your cheeks. Who said face painting is just for kids?!?

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Bucket bags and suede are still really huge right now so this is a must have accessory for any girl. Find one that’s slightly different and try and get a bag with fringe or a metal chain.

Last but not least, don’t forget to pack your umbrella, wellies and a rain mac. I’m pretty sure that going from the current weather, you wouldn’t want to get caught without it!

I love dressing for a festival, it’s always a great opportunity to let your hair down and try out some really cool styles. Let your worries go and give the festival style a try!

Which festival are you going to this year?

Comments below!

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