My Travel Wish List…

We all have a list of places that we keep meaning to visit but never really get round to it! Well here’s mine…..

1. Los Angeles


Cliche I know but somehow throughout my many trips abroad I have never quite managed to get there.
I would really love to do one of those crazy tourist trips through the neighbourhoods, whilst the extravert tour guide points out all the celeb houses! LOL
I also want to go to the Ivy, because obviously the food must be sooooo amazing if anyone and everyone famous has been spotted eating there! Drrrrrr
I love to know if it is really as nice a place to live as it looks on TV. ​

2. Bali, Indonesia
This has been on my wish list for quite a while now, after seeing The Hanging Gardens hotel in Ubud one day whilst flicking through a magazine. Its quite a flight away and it’s mainly the terrorist alerts putting me off but Im sure I will be booking this trip very soon!

3. Venice, Italy


Lifelong dream, although I have heard it smells terrible!
I have visited several parts of Italy, Capri and Rome are amongst my favourites, but Venice is the one place I have always wanted to go since being a little girl.
I picture myself being picked by Gondola from my sail up boutique hotel, and escorted down river to one of the many traditional masked balls they hold each year in Venice.
Of course, for those of you that don’t know, the food in Italy is out of this world, so there would also be quite a lot of eating!
Perhaps a trip that will take a few years to achieve but I will eventually make it.

4. Cuba


There is some kind of Cuban ancestry in my family and my Dad tells stories of my Grandad singing in Spanish at the kitchen table when he had a bit too much to drink. Since then I have always wanted to visit, mainly to see if there are people with the same kind of facial features as me! Plus of course the food is bound to be amazing and its HOT!
It would also be great to see the coloured buildings and classic cars, Havana style!

5. Santorini


My husband and I have been in love with the Greek islands for years now and its always our failsafe if we are in need of some European sun!
Not a lover of murky seas, Greece is known for its crystal clear waters which is part of why its one of my favourite places in the world.
Having already travelled to Corfu, Crete and Rhodes several times over, Santorini caught my eye after watching the film Mama Mia.
I am pretty sure this will be on my itinerary for 2016, so watch this space 😉

6. Florence, Italy


Yes, its Italy…again!
Little do some people know, but I am actually a huge history buff…yes…seriously!!!
Obviously Italy has been at the forefront of European history for thousands of years and many a famous Italian artist/family has sprung from Florence.
I would happily ditch my heels for sneakers and stroll around Florence listening to one of those hand held black talking things, or maybe they have an App now?
Have I said how much I love italian food???
So there you have it!
​Iv travelled quite a bit so this is really just destinations I feel like i’v missed out on. Keep an eye to see what pops up next year and don’t miss my New York Christmas trip coming in December……