How To Protect Your Skin On Holiday

How To Protect Your Skin On Holiday

So I have just got back from Saint Lucia and am now recovering from not fully adjusting to the time difference. The jet lag completely wiped me out for a good few days after I returned, which was actually really difficult but hey can’t complain too much!

I find myself travelling a lot lately and I’m currently siting in a camper van travelling through Cornwall and Dorset as we speak. I’l be off again in 2 days time to visit Malta for the first time so it’s now I am really starting to think more about ageing and taking care of my skin in the intense sunshine. Even more so now that summer is just around the corner…hopefully!

The two most important things you can remember when trying to maintain a youthful complexion is hydration and sun protection! Sun ages and dryness enhances the worst parts of your face so it’s majorly important!!!!!skincare blog post

Start with your basics and make sure you are using a great facial sun cream. The normal drugstore type suncreams are perfect for the rest of your body, but just look at it like this, would you put body lotion on your face? I think not! If you are going to spend a bit more money on something then it should always be on facial products. You’ll regret it in 20 years if you don’t!

Do some research and try out a few different brands until you find one that’s right for you i.e not too oily. Just make sure you are using a factor 30 + facial specific sun cream. It will help you fight against age spots and wrinkles will come much later in life! One of my favourites is this Protect and Repair Anti Ageing Sun Lotion from Crystal Clear.

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Although you may feel like you’re sweating buckets, you are still in need of keeping your skin nice and moisturised. This Sk-11 Facial Treatment Oil is perfect as its fast absorbing and keeps your skin radiant. Use facial oils after cleansing and try to keep up your beauty routine whilst on holiday as it’s even more nessacary when you’re exposing your face to strong sunlight, chlorine and sea water which are all very drying and harsh on your skin. I know it’s hard but you will come back glowing I promise!

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I have a really great tip for keeping your skin hydrated after a swim. By using a spritz spray like this SK-11 Mid Summer Essence you will put all the good moisture back in to your skin and it stays locked in so it will help to fight that dry and stiff feeling your face gets when you haven’t got time to go back and re cleanse your face. Wash off the salt or chlorine with tap or bottled water and dry, then just spray evenly over your face and neck and let the product sink in. An added bonus is that this spray will also reduce lines and wrinkles over time so its a win win!

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Last but not least, don’t forget to protect your eyes! Top tip and a bit of a perk really, is that wearing huge sunglasses will only help keep those wrinkles away! I’m definitely one of those people who walks around wearing sunglasses all day whilst on holiday so hopefully I will be super youthful looking when I’m 50…totally holding my breath! Just make sure you get a pair of sunglasses with UV protection which all bigger brands will have and if you are shopping for high street sunnies then there should be a small label saying UV in the corner.

What are your tips for limiting the damage caused by holiday sun?

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