Refresh Your Make Up Kit

Sometimes it’s so hard to get rid of your make up favourites and even harder to give up those old reliable make up brushes! Although they cost so darn much and are supposed to last for years if you clean them and look after them…..who really does that?!?

We tend to keep our best make up brushes for much longer than we should, collecting bacteria and all kinds of germs.  It’s actually quite a challenge to find nice new ones that don’t cost the price of a new pair of shoes! Good quality is also hard to come by at a reasonable price.
I was sent over some amazing new brushes recently and was completely surprised how affordable they are to buy in store at just £17.99 for a pack of 4 face brushes!
So Eco’s make up brushes are So Good! The brushes and packaging are ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly. They are also cruelty free and suitable for both liquid and powder make up.
These make up brushes are super soft and the make the application nice and smooth so there is no residue left behind.
The pack of face brushes actually comes in a cute little make up brush pouch for easy non messy storage. This set has all the brushes you need for a full make up look and if you want to branch out, So Eco do individual brushes and also have an eye make up set that’s worth investing in too.
So I think its time to have a make up bag clear out and give these So Eco brushes a try, you won’t be disappointed and it won’t break the bank! Links below.
Let me know how you get on with them in the comments at the bottom!
Are you super hygienic? How often do you change your brushes?
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