Saint Lucia, Need I Say More!

Saint Lucia, Need I Say More!

I’m guessing you already know that I have just got back from the trip of a lifetime to Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. If not, then just check out my Instagram for the most amount of annoying holiday posts ever!

I have actually been to Saint Lucia before but I was only 15 at the time and did a bit of diving and spent time with my family mostly so I jumped at the chance to head over on an adults only trip to discover the island with the Saint Lucia Tourist Board.


During May, Saint Lucia host a huge event called the Jazz and Arts Festival and we were lucky enough to be invited to attend. Besides the amazing food and all the rum you can get your hands on. I really had a great time listening to all the music acts. I was as close as you can get to the stage, with a full on press pit view and enjoyed myself so much dancing along to Omarion and Kool And The Gang. We even got to meet Shaggy!


Photo by Cordell Johnson

I met some really cool people on this trip and got to spend a lot of time with them. Hopefully going to plan a trip down to the Kiss studios soon to meet up with my new buddy Kiss FM DJ, AJ King.

The flight over was around 8 hours but went by pretty quickly as I was completely entertained by the in flight movies. ‘How to be Single’ is hilarious, make sure you see it!

I love the feeling of getting off the plane in a hot country and being hit by the warm air. The nicest thing about Saint Lucia is that there was a constant breeze so the heat was never too unbearable. The odd liquid sunshine downpour was also very welcome!

Our first stop on the trip was the super lux Capella resort in Marigot Bay along the west coast of Saint Lucia. I have to say I really wasn’t expecting the resorts in Saint Lucia to be so amazing. I always find it hard when looking for Caribbean resorts to find something that wows me. I absolutely can’t fault Capella.

The service was second to none in this beautiful place and the staff really went above and beyond. There was a lot of though put in to the entertainment and the food on offer was so delicious.


In general, Caribbean food is my favourite (along with Indian obvs). Growing up with a Jamaican father it’s very hard to not love it. A lot of Caribbean men are great cooks btw, just incase you didn’t know!

I have become a lover of fish over the past 5 years so I love trying new fish and finding out that it just gets better and better. My new favourite fish is now Mahi Mahi. Not sure where it originates from but its bloody amazing! Grilled and filleted it’s the best I have ever tasted! So much fresh fish, fruit and veg is available here and I can honestly say I did not have a bad meal. Even the stone oven baked creole bread we bought from a roadside shack was amazing and I must have tried a pina colada at every different restaurant we went to.


Next up we moved down to the southern end of the Island to the Ladera Resort in Soufrière. I have never stayed in a room quite like this and after arriving in the early hours I woke up the next morning to find that the rooms at paradise ridge are all three sided and I had my very own private pool overlooking the twin Pitons and the white sands below at Sugar Beach.

I was treated to an amazing full body massage in my room which could not have been more perfect! Obviously I had to use this picturesque backdrop for an Instagram shoot! lol


This trip is probably the most active trip I have ever been on also. I had a bunch of firsts in Saint Lucia, including my first enormous 8 course zip line experience and rainforest trek, chocolate making at the Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Plantation, rum tasting, visiting a craft beer brewery and taking a nature trek up to see the Pitons.

Although I came back thoroughly exhausted it was such an amazing trip and now I am dying to go back to explore everything that I missed out on and to eat some more of the amazing french infused cuisine you can get almost anywhere on the island.

Thanks so much to the Saint Lucia Tourist Board for inviting me to stay in your beautiful country, can’t wait to come back!

Have you been to Saint Lucia? Comments below 🙂

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