The Coffee House You Didn’t Know Was Fairtrade

The Coffee House You Didn’t Know Was Fairtrade
This post is in collaboration with Greggs

Last week I was invited to an undercover coffee event at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho. Firstly can I just say how amazing this hotel is….they even have their own bowling alley! The whole night was to celebrate Fairtrade fortnight with Greggs, the coffee house you didn’t know was Fairtrade. I got to meet some of the lovely team from the Fairtrade foundation and learnt some mind blowing facts about the farmers involved in their programs.

It was such a fun evening. I tried out some blind coffee tasting and even got to make my very first martini, coffee inspired of course! You could say I’m now a bit of a coffee connoisseur 😉

So what’s all this fuss about Fairtrade?

The Coffee House You Didn't Know Was Fairtrade - lifestyle blog uk

Fairtrade Facts

  • 80% of coffee is produced by 25 million smallholders
  • 26% of all Fairtrade farmers and workers are women
  • Many of the farms female farmers work on belong to their husbands, the women do not get paid a wage and do not have control or their own independence
  • Many farmers not receiving Fairtrade prices are paid less that the production cost


Does choosing Fairtrade make a difference?

The answer is absolutely! Not only do the farmers get a fair price for their product, but the Fairtrade foundation also ensure the premiums are used for effective life changing programs within these communities.

  • More than 1.65 million farmers and workers in 74 countries are part of Fairtrade Foundation
  • £29.8m Fairtrade premium was generated from UK sales in 2015
  • With Fairtrade, certified coffee producer organisations are guaranteed to receive at least the Fairtrade Minimum Price for their coffee
  • In 2013-14, certified coffee farmers earned an estimated £38.6 million in premiums that were invested in farmer services and community projects
  • All Greggs hot drinks are certified Fairtrade
  • In the last decade, farmers have invested over £1 million from Greggs Fairtrade coffee sales in their farms and communities

Fairtrade leads to Empowerment

 One of my favourite programmes run by the Fairtrade Foundation is one aimed at giving women independence to make their own life choices and have some control. This program enabled female farmers in South America to earn their own wage. Talk about empowering women!

I love the fact that the Fairtrade program encourages and makes it a necessity for farmers to invest and grow their business with their premiums. Fairtrade promotes independence and community support which is essential to succeed in the long term. Their focus on education is also about empowerment for the next generation, because education is the key after all!

the coffee house you didn't know was fairtrade - lifestyle blog ukthe coffee house you didn't know was fairtrade - food blog ukThe Coffee House You Didn't Know Was Fairtrade - food blogger ukThe Coffee House You Didn't Know Was Fairtrade - lifestyle blogger

The Coffee House You Didn't Know Was Fairtrade - lifestyle blog

Along with learning all about the fairtrade initiatives I managed to fit in a few custom Greggs cocktails and some yummy canapés. The creamy coffee martini and green tea martini were both made with Greggs Fairtrade coffee and tea. I even got a lovely goody bag including my very own personalised coffee mug and a bunch of Fairtrade treats. Among the goodies was a pot of coffee body scrub, dark Fairtrade chocolate and a notebook with my initial. I even took home my very own chocolate sprinkles stencil. What more could a girl ask for?!

So am i a Fairtrade convert?

I’m now completely coffeed out, but I’ve come away with a new set of eyes when it comes to buying food. I even find myself trying to pick the fairtrade version whenever I can. Pretty sure my husband will be too. I keep giving him stats and lectures every time we are in the supermarket together!

You can find more info on the amazing programmes run by the Fairtrade foundation all around the world over at

Don’t forget to pop in to Greggs for a fresh cup of fairtrade coffee next time you’re in the mood for a guilt free treat. Greggs coffee is made with a blend of freshly ground, slow roasted Aribica and Robusta coffee beans.

Just remember your money is going to good use!

So what’s your guilt free Fairtrade product go to?