Top Picks For Perfect Burgundy A/W Style

Top Picks For Perfect Burgundy A/W Style

Let me start by saying how shocking the weather has been lately! Temperatures have plummeted and now that it’s finally December (well, tomorrow anyway) I think it’s the perfect time to start getting festive. I’ve put together my top picks for perfect burgundy a/w style. It was literally the easiest task  as burgundy is all over the place this winter. A top autumn winter fashion trend that is more than welcome in my opinion. You can even match your lippy to this one!

I have trawled my favourite online stomping grounds to come up with some of the best burgundy clothing and accessories around. I love all of them and i’m sure you’ll love at least one of them. I’ve kept the budget mid range so that we can all get a nice burgundy piece in our wardrobes this season. So let’s see what I came up with…

First up are these amazing Romance Fur Heels from Topshop. Apart from being every girly girls dream shoe, they also come in Navy. So, if burgundy is not your thing then it’s still all good! I love the fact that these shoes are block heel too, who wants sore feet at the end of the night anyway?


top picks for a:w burgundy style - bag - curve fashion blogger uk

Marc B Knightsbridge Velvet Across Body Bag

NEXT…move along quickly now people!

You might not have heard of Marc B but ASOS have plenty of their super reasonably priced bags on offer right now. The fact that this Velvet Across Body Bag is burgundy, quilted and has a pearl chain means that it is 100% near the top of my burgundy style guide. Even if you can’t find anything to wear today, throw on your hot, shoulder bag and feel like your totally rocking the look all day long baby.


top picks for a:w burgundy style - red dress - fashion blog guide uk

Burgundy Feather Skirt Bodycon Dress

From the picture I wasn’t really sure if this actually counts as burgundy but it’s amazing and Pretty Little Thing have called it a Burgundy Feather Skirt Bodycon Dress so what the hell, let’s go with it!

Again, it’s nearly Christmas if you haven’t noticed, so this is a kill two birds with one stone situation. If you’re looking for that perfect dress for your Christmas party, this is the one. Feathers and shiny bits…. apart from sequins, (which I can’t stand right now btw) what could be more festive?

top picks for a:w burgundy style - veja trainers sneakers - curve fashion blogger uk

Veja Holiday Bastille Canvas Trainers

As you have probably realised by now, especially if you follow me on Instagram I LOVE trainers. These beauties are £140, but look how pretty! I’m still really in to velvet so the Veja Holiday Bastille Canvas Trainers are literally my perfect christmas present. Hint hint to anyone who’s listening 😉 Available at incase you were wondering!


top picks for a:w burgundy style - fashion blog uk

ASOS Balloon Fit Wide Leg Chinos In Port Royale

Now obviously ASOS had to be on my list somewhere… how would I survive without free returns and ASOS Premier?!

Big trousers are here to stay! It’s a complete no brainer that you should be able to pick up a gorgeous pair like this in burgundy. The top of these Ballon Fit Wide Leg Chinos look really comfy too, so I think that you will more than likely find a pair hanging in my wardrobe real soon. Watch this space….


top picks for a:w burgundy style; velvet jumpsuit - fashion blog uk

Silence + Noise Molly Velvet Jumpsuit

Yet another party outfit to add to your winter collection, one can never have too many. I do however, think this would also make a great work outfit if you throw an oversized white shirt on top. Come on…. live a little!

I’m not familiar with Silence + Noise Molly but if this Velvet Jumpsuit is anything to go by then they definitely have a new customer. I am adding them to my favourites as we speak.


top picks for a:w burgundy style - t shirt - curve fashion blogger uk

New Look He Loves Me T Shirt

I’m afraid it’s true, some days I just do not want to dress up! I am totally a casual girl at heart. The Athleisure movement is my life’s biggest goal fulfilled…. Seriously now, sometimes a cute pair of jeans and a slogan tee is all that’s needed. New Look are making waves with their new collection this year. I think their He Loves Me Fringe T Shirt is the perfect subtle finale to our burgundy fest. #nothinglefttosay


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