Who Said You Can’t Wear Black In Summer!

Who Said You Can’t Wear Black In Summer!

Wedding season is in full swing and you might already be running out of ideas to make sure that ‘B**** Stole My Look’ moment doesn’t happen to you. If the heat hasn’t already got to you, don’t worry we’ve still got at least two months of it left. No doubt you’ve already worn the latest trend colours to death, so now it’s time to look further afield. I say there are no rules and who said you can’t wear black in summer!

The key to the perfect occasion outfit is finding something that is not only super flattering but also feels comfortable. After all you’re likely to be wearing it for the whole day! It’s not always easy to find the right fit so why limit yourself to just traditional summer colours.

Who Said You Can't Wear Black In Summer! - fashion blogger post uk

Who Said You Can't Wear Black In Summer! - fashion blog post uk

I’ve had this little black dress in my closet for a while. I was searching for something a bit different to wear this summer and took one look at it and thought “it’s a perfect summer outfit”. The designer is Jody Bell, who incorporates Spanish and Mediterranean themes in to her beautiful collections. Although black is not normally seen as a summer go to, we all know that a little black dress can be super flattering.

I love the fact that this dress has long sleeves, let’s just say my upper arms are not my favourite body part! Jody Bell was definitely ahead of the trend when she added the statement sleeves which are huge this season. The fabric has a really subtle metallic knit. I feel like I’m totally giving boho vibes with the frayed sleeves and hem. What do you think?

Black may attract the heat but to be honest, that’s only really true when the sun is shining. In the UK there are far more cloudy days when this isn’t even actually an issue! You will definitely stand out more in a black outfit during summer season. A major plus is that it’s unlikely to be most peoples colour of choice for a summer occasion dress.

However…if black is so not your colour then I have good news! Jody Bell has an amazing new collection out at the moment, The Santorini Collection.  It’s inspired by the gorgeous Greek Island famed for it’s seaside white, domed villages and winding streets lined with bright, blue doors. The pieces in this collection are a true reflection of Santorini, mixed with the signature Jody Bell Spanish style that I have come to love. There is definitely something for everyone here and if you are going on holiday anytime soon, then The Santorini Collection is literally a one stop shop. You’ll find tasseled bags a plenty and some amazing straw hats too!

Here are some of my favourite pieces form the collection….

Jody Bell’s Santorini Collection

Who Said You Can't Wear Black In Summer! - fashion blog post ukWho Said You Can't Wear Black In Summer! - fashion blog post ukWho Said You Can't Wear Black In Summer! - fashion blogger post uk

If you haven’t done so already, go check out more Mediterranean inspired designs including the gorgeous Santorini collection over at Jody Bell. Be sure to take a look at this video, which i’m sure will make you super jealous. No doubt it will prompt you to start researching your next Greek holiday immediately!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below….do you have a favorite?

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This post is in collaboration with Jody Bell

  • Silvija Rimkiene

    How cute is your dress, love it!


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  • Robin Rue

    Ha, I wear black in the summer, too! There is never a wrong time for it! Loving your dress – very pretty!

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  • valmg

    I don’t think black can’t be worn in the summer for fashion reasons. I do think many avoid it during the summer because of the heat.

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  • This dress looks beautiful on you. I say we can wear black any day of the year. It’s one of my favorite colors for sure.

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  • Girl, I wear black all the time in summer and I live in Florida where its hot most of the year. I just love that classic look of a black top and white crop pants. Oh yea. Love the dress on you. Just beautiful

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  • Oh my goodness you are rocking that dress it looks absolutely amazing on and hands up I wear black all year long!

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  • I am in Texas and I wear black ALL the time even though it’s over 100 every day now. It is def one of my favorite colors!

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  • The little black dress is perfect all year ’round. I think everyone needs to keep one (or three) on hand!

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  • Christy Maurer

    I think black is fine all year round! That dress is very cute on you.

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  • Nikki

    I wear black year round. It’s the one color (or not color?) that looks good on everyone, I think! Love that dress!

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  • That dress is adorable…it doesn’t make you too hot? I can only wear sleeveless black in the summe.r

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  • Pam W

    Wow, this collection sounds awesome. I love the Mediterranean vibes from this line. And you can’t go wrong with a little black dress.

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  • The Mediterranean inspiration is great! I really like the design of this dress and there are plenty of opportunities to wear black in the summer. Jody Bell’s collection sounds awesome.

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  • Debra Hawkins

    I wear black pretty much all the time. I think it is a flattering color on me so I just go for it!

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  • Anosa Malanga VA

    Black is one of my favorite color so I don’t care whatever season it it. Black is already a part of my everyday wardrobe.

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  • Black is a staple color in my wardrobe any time of the year!! I love this look on you!!

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  • Jaime Nicole

    I agree completely! I wear black all year round too – it’s a classic that doesn’t go out of season!

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  • Kimberly @ Berly’s Kitchen

    This dress is really cute. I love the fringe and black is always a good choice. Having a black dress is a necessity!

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  • Style and Senses

    love the tassel details! I wear black all the time, regardless of what season it is!
    An Trieu

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  • Awesome blog as like your twitter profile!!!! Just love it 🙂

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  • Afia Stenia

    Hi Natasha,

    Love this post, when we talk about fashion I agree we should be creative and sometime should break the rules to look stunning and BE DIFFERENT!

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