Why You Need To Use Face Serum!

Why You Need To Use Face Serum!

Thinking that face serums are a fad or are just not for you is a big mistake! Yes they might have sprung up suddenly over the last few years but if you want to keep your skin looking youthful you should definitely take advantage of this new addition to the skincare regimes!

Reasons you should use serum in addition to moisturiser?

Moisturisers are great but they are not enough! Some of the best moisturisers around, still have limited effects. Combining a good moisturiser, high in SPF protection, SPF 25 or higher, with a good quality face serum will radically change your skin within a few months!

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  • Help give a natural glow and eliminate dullness
  • Plump out the skin which eliminates the appearance of wrinkles
  • Rehydrate the skin to stop dryness and fight ageing


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There are tons of brands and also different types of serums around so you have a wide range to chose from. There are also serums with added ingredients such as 24K gold caviar, Tea Tree, Canadian Willowherb etc. Many of them add ingredients which bring with them added properties such as rejuvenation or added protection.



Serum Alternatives……
If you are still not convinced by the serum revolution then try one of these youth restoring facial oils. They have the same kind of properties as a serum but are obviously more easily absorbed and less sticky. They also smell fabulous!
Oils are perfect if you suffer from extremely dry skin.

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I want to know what your age defying secrets are? How do you plan to keep the wrinkles away?
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