Yummy Treats & Trampoline Workouts

Yummy Treats & Trampoline Workouts

Hi Guys, hope all is well with you? I have so much to write about at the moment that its hard to know where to start. But let’s begin with my super fun day out yesterday.

So glad the weather was nice as it makes such a difference to the long winter we seem to have had for about the last 5 years. I almost wanted to get a blanket and go for a picnic. The perfect day for a great event!



I literally landed at Gatwick from Saint Lucia at 9am and headed straight for my first event of the day with Danone at Frame Health & Fitness in Shorditch. The event was to learn more about their new ‘Light and Free’ 0% fat, 0% sugar greek style yoghurt. It comes in 5 flavours, Blueberry, Strawberry, Peach & Passionfruit, Raspberry and Cherry. I got to try one on the day and it really tastes quite nice, it’s also very creamy so not your usual healthy yoghurt!

The event was a mix of bloggers and press. Binky from Made in Chelsea was also there to take part and it was great to meet the ladies behind the brand. A really fun bunch of people!

IMG_5746 IMG_5744 IMG_5740 IMG_5736

I went along in gym wear as I knew I would be doing some kind of strenuous exercise but I definitely was not prepared for the rebound class! I’m pretty sure that anyone who thinks of trampolining, thinks carefree fun….NO NO NO! A rebound class is more like a high intensity workout. I really found this class hard and felt it toning my legs immediately. The heart rate was definitely peaking and this class is not an easy one. Recommended if you have stamina and want to shed and tone up your legs quickly. It was also quite funny trying to figure out how to do the moves the instructor was showing us!

IMG_5756 IMG_5758 IMG_5762

Frame is such a cute venue and the decor inside is fab. Definitely the place to go to pick up a new gym outfit and a healthy snack. We were served a mix of Acai berry and fresh fruit snack pots along with cold pressed juices. My favourite was this fresh ginger and cayan pepper shot, love ginger!

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So pleased with this goody bag I got to take home too, which included a large sized canvas bag, phone case, gym towel and 2 packs of the delicious new Light & Free yoghurts! I also got to keep this photo of me & my shadow mid air!

You can but the new Danone yoghurts from most supermarkets.


Check out the Amazing Ad HERE!

What do yo think of the fat and sugar free yoghurts?

Which is your favourite flavour?

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  • Albertine

    The rebound class sounds right up my street, I love high intensity workouts!


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    • nataschacoxcom

      It was definitely fun Albertine!!

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  • The 0% fat and 0% sugar yogurts sound like great snacks. They seem like a great idea to satisfy cravings in between meals. It’s cool that they come in several flavors.

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  • Nicole

    I love your blog posts, keep em photos coming! That trampoline exercise looked like a lotta fun, not to mention a real workout! I’m always on the lookout for better tasting fat free yoghurt so will defo be checking out Danone’s Light and Free ones!

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  • Inja Fajatin

    Interesting workout. I never tried the trampoline exercise. It looks fun though. I think I’m going ask my girlfriends to check this out.

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  • Jesse

    You know jumping burns a lot of calories! I wish I could try this because it would make me feel like I was a kid again. haha.

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  • Seraphim

    Mmm Danone! It’s a very popular yogurt company in here, I’m in love with their Activia series. Will be looking forward for this new one!

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  • Fatima Punzalan

    I can’t even imagine me doing this intense trampoline workout but I want to give it a try someday. You wouldn’t believe how much I love yogurt by the way, it’s my comfort food.

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  • You Are So Pretty

    I can imagine my heartbeat to its peak just by reading this article. On the lighter side, Danone’s yogurts seems to be perfect match to that kind of intense workout so nothing to be scared of.

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  • ezz

    I loves work out using trampoline. It really gives your heart jump. However, looking at the snacks provided also very tempted.

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  • Isa Pascua

    OMG! I love your work out! It seems a fun way to get some abs. And your treats, they’re all so yummy, too. Perhaps, I’ll try ’em before the start of classes.

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