4 Knits That You Need In Your Life

4 Knits That You Need In Your Life

Let’s face it, the cold is here to stay until at least April which is still a good 3 months away. So how are you going to survive all winter without a cozy jumper to keep you warm? If you’re like me, then you’ll be a house hermit for the foreseeable future. Obviously we all have to leave the house at some point during the day, so here are 4 knits that you need in your life if you’re going to survive. No, I have not been watching too much Game of Thrones, but so glad I don’t live in the north (of the wall…lol).

4 Knits That You Need In Your Life 4 Knits That You Need In Your Life 4 Knits That You Need In Your Life

4 Knits That You Need In Your Life

The Cable Knit

First of all and probably the most well known, is the cable knit. There is nothing better than cozying up on the sofa with a chunky cable knit jumper. Cable knits are great at keeping out the cold winds and keeping in your body heat. I found a gorgeous camel coloured Atelier R Cable Stitch Jumper over at La Redoute. I love the way the cable pattern is mixed with the straight lines in this jumper. The high neck is quite unique too!

The Mohair Knit

Mohair is a fabric that comes from goat hair. It’s super soft and affordable. In addition, mohair gives a great furry texture and a soft shinny look to knitwear so it looks quite expensive! There are also some great coats around in mohair right now too. Take a look at this cable knit jumper in a blend of wool and mohair from La Redoute and while it also comes in four colours, the navy is my fav! It has a nice loose fit and is great for that smart casual look.

4 Knits That You Need In Your Life 4 Knits That You Need In Your Life 4 Knits That You Need In Your Life

The Crochet Knit

A really hot look this year has been crochet. This jumper is a loose take on that very same trend. Crochet knits will certainly give you a bit of warmth but are mainly worn for the style factor. Love the vintage style frill to this Ruffled Openwork Jumper. Crochet knits can be quite revealing, so if you’re not ready to put your cutest bralet on show just yet then its worth investing in a cute cami too. Silk style cami tops also give a really cool contrast!

The Cashmere Knit

Finally, the queen of knits! If you have never invested in an item made from cashmere then you’re missing out! The softest and most expensive knitwear you will probably ever own is the cashmere knit. It is priced at a premium because it’s literally like being dressed in clouds. Cashmere which is made from the hair of Cashmere goats, is finer and softer than the more commonly used sheep wool. I am obsessed with my blush pink Pure Cashmere Roll Neck Jumper from La Redoute. Be extra careful when washing cashmere though, as there has been more than one occasion when i’ve ended up with an unwanted kids jumper!

Styling your look is super easy, go for oversized coats and a statement shoe to really make an outfit pop. Hats and bags are a such a great way to accessorise too , a simple glitzy bag can turn a chunky knit in to an evening look in the blink of an eye.

So go ahead and get yourself that gorgeous winter knit you’ve been eyeing up and keep a look out over at La Redoute, as there are always some great discounts and deals available. Right now you can save up to 60% in the La Redoute sale. What are you waiting for, another great buy can’t hurt!

So what’s your favourite knit?

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