How Detoxing Can Keep You Feeling GREAT!

How Detoxing Can Keep You Feeling GREAT!
I have been trying to get back in to healthy eating and working out for a long time now as I lost my mojo a couple of years ago. I’ve gained a lot of weight and just feel generally unhappy with the way I look at the moment.
Kick starting a healthy life style is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially for me as I have a super sweet tooth and love food in general.
I’m a bit lazy when it comes to excercise and unless I’ve been active for a good few weeks I struggle to force myself to workout.
Having said this I have tried and tested every type of workout under the sun and although I love spinning and boxing, only running or hardcore cardio really work in terms of weight loss for me.
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I really need a kick up the bum at the moment as my brother in law is getting married in July and even sooner than that is my sister in laws hen do which will involve copious amounts of bikini wearing I’m sure!

I recently discovered a great brand called Teami. They offer various teas to help cleanse the body and kick start the metabolism. I am currently doing the ‘Colon’ and ‘Skinny’ tea 30 day detox combination.
They taste great and are helping me along and I can substitute most of my normal cups of tea with the ‘Skinny’ tea, which is no doubt reducing my caffeine and sugar intake drastically!
I am drinking the ‘Colon’ tea every other night and it’s really making some impact on my body internally. I don’t feel as lethargic as I normally do and my stomach is being flushed out and is getting rid of the toxins.
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The good thing about this blend is that you can make the tea as strong as you like by adding or drinking extra water along side the tea to reduce the effects.
There is also a handy chart to tick off when you have actually had the tea which helps you to track your progress.
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One of the cool things about these teas is that some of them come in loose leaf and Teami also sell a great tumbler/water bottle that’s has a built in strainer and keeps the tea piping hot on the inside but the bottle itself stays cool. This is perfect when at work or on the move.
They come in 7 different colours so you can easily find one that suits your style!It’s been a good while now since I started the detox teas and I have to say the effects are definitely noticeable. I’m not finding it difficult to keep up and I am planning to do the full 30 day detox so hopefully you guys will start seeing results in my pictures soon!What are your top tips to kick start a healthy lifestyle?
Have you tried Teami blends before?

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