All I Want For My Birthday Wishlist

All I Want For My Birthday Wishlist

Yep, it’s that time of year again….my birthday! I won’t tell you all how ancient I am now, but I will tell you that this year I was completely spoilt, I am indeed a very lucky girl. Along with all the gifts my family showered me with I also received a whole bunch of amazing pressies from some of the brands I work with. Rather than being completely dull and sharing every little detail with you, I thought I would just pick out some of my favourite birthday presents this year.

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First up, the beauty gifts. One can never have too many fashion or beauty presents. I love to receive the higher end items as gifts as its always nice to feel like someone has really put thought in to your colouring and skincare needs. It’s great if your birthday is on the cusp of a season change too, as you can get the latest colours and releases as presents which means you don’t have to go out and buy them.

I am literally so excited even thinking about the Burberry ‘With Love’ Blush and ‘Full Kisses’ lipstick I got. Talk about the lux of lux beauty. Even the packaging on these tools of beautification are pure luxury. I’m love them so much i’m scared to touch them right now, who would want to ruin the heart shaped patten on the bronzer by actually using it! I’m sure i will have to bring myself to put it on my face at some point.

I was also really happy to receive a Iconic sonic cleanser from Crystal Clear. I’ve wanted one of these for ages now, since they first started to appear a few years ago but have never really got around buying one. It’s definitely an investment piece as they start at around £70. Well worth it though as it’s like going for a facial without all the hard work at home. They offer deep cleansing and exfoliation and come with custom products designed especially to give great finishing results. It’s going to be a great when winter comes and I get to banish the dry skin patches permanently.

Can’t forget my new fragrance…always a guaranteed gift but always needed. I love to get a fragrance that I haven’t tried before as it’s nice to change things up a bit. This time it was Rose Gold EDP by Monsoon, smells lovely and comes in a really cute little bottle.

Still in the realm of beauty, this set of  ‘Style Fix’ mini hair straighteners is the best thing since sliced bread. I always struggle to fit in the hair straighteners when trying to pack my entire wardrobe in to my hand held luggage. Obviously straighteners can’t be sacrificed so its normally a pair of shoes. This pair are really compact but has all the heat and power of a full size set. It’s also really great for getting right to the roots of your hair for that polished finish.

Another thing that takes up a ton of space is the old electric toothbrush. This new Sonic toothbrush is extra slim and comes with a capsule like cover so is the perfect size to slip in your bag. I suppose you could even carry it round in your handbag, great for a hot date or if you just like brushing your teeth mid way through your day. I actually saw a women flossing after eating lunch once….not an attractive sight but I bet her teeth are amazing!

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Following on from the travel themed gifts, thought I would slip in one of my absolutely favourites. I was sent this gorgeous Seafolly racer back, high neck bikini from Coco Bay. Being more of a busty girl I’m super happy that these type of bikinis are on trend right now as it means I don’t have to show of my embarrassingly huge boobs in public. Love the design of this set and it’s Seafolly so it’s really nice quality. There are some great styles on the Coco Bay site too.

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I’m always in need of a good bra and it’s really hard to find supportive bras that look nice too. I’m chuffed with this pressie from Wonderbra as the design is beautiful, especially the strap detailing and believe it or not they fit like a glove. Hats off to the design team at Wonderbra. I can’t remember the last time I had a matching set!

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I’m starting to put together my transitional wardrobe seeing as the sun has now started to go back in to hibernation, I am happy to add five, yes five new pairs of shoes to my collection. I love a bit of shoe detailing and was given a pair of Sebago slip on flats with a really nice yellow ribbon detail to the back. These are going to see me right in to Winter. The suede clutch is from East, super cute for pairing with almost any outfit.

The second was a pair of golf type trainers from Norman Walsh. Loving the light blue colour, you can’t have too many pairs of trainers either btw. I also received a cute pair of long black gladiator sandals from JustFab and couple of pairs of Teva sandals which I absolutely love because of the chunky platforms.

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birthday presents blog post

Lots of new jewellery pieces were amongst my pile of lovely pressies too which is great because my jewellery box is definitely in need of an update! I’m still really in to rose gold right now but will mix yellow gold and silver in too for variety. Interchangeable jewellery is really big right now and this Nikki Lissoni ring and Engelsrufer pendant necklace are perfect gifts, if you get board or your style changes you can just change up your jewellery.

I’m so in love with the Coach watch I was given, I can’t remember the last time I actually had a watch, I kind of went of them a bit but so glad I’ve got this one now in rose gold 🙂 The silver bracelet is Jon Richard, can’t beat a chunky arm piece to set of your outfit.

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Last but not least I got this gorgeous new gold iPad case from Filofax. I was desperately in need of a new iPad case as I’ve had my old one for ages now and its practically falling apart. Love the colour of this new one and also that it folds round so it completely protects the iPad. Perfect for when I need to travel as I am not the most careful of people.

What’s on your birthday wishlist?

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  1. August 27, 2016 / 4:29 am

    Your wish list is everything! Love those black shoes and that red bra

    • September 1, 2016 / 1:25 pm

      Thanks Samelia, I love it!! So spoilt 🙂 xx

  2. millieerosee
    September 2, 2016 / 6:43 am

    love this wishlist some really great things in there, that watch is so beautiful too! x

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