Why You Should Always Find Time To Relax

Why You Should Always Find Time To Relax

When it suddenly hits you that you have been running round like a headless chicken for the past how many weeks, you realise that you have been so tied up with work and life in general, that you have forgotten about yourself entirely. Being a women is really hard full stop. It only gets harder as you try to have a career and a family at the same time, the two are not meant to go together, not if you are female! I’m not about to get all crazy and start¬†pointing out the huge injustices of parenthood, as a fashion blogger I just want to let you know that it’s super important to take some chill time away from the everyday. You will feel so refreshed and ready to take on the world again just by taking time out occasionally.

It really doesn’t have to be a luxury holiday on a desert island, just take a day or a night which ever you can get away with ūüôā If you’ve don’t have¬†kids you still need to find some¬†time to just do you.

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For me the biggest difference in my life nowadays is that I don’t live near my mum and rarely get to spend time with her alone. I remember the days when I used to be at her house waiting or her to get home from work, we used to go on a shopping trip at least once a week and nearly every holiday I went on until the age of 24 was with my mum and dad….very sad one might think but I do not at all. I had my son really early and was on my own until he was 5. For me spending time with my parents and my mum in particular was more like sharing the load. We have always been very close and she is the one I have always talked to and gone to for help. Obviously now I have Matt and thats great, I love him to bits but still often¬†tease him that he shares the ‘Best Friend’ title with my mum….lol!

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I really wanted to treat her as I am seriously aware of the fact that we don’t get to spend quality time together anymore. We met up in London and headed over to the¬†Jumeirah Carlton Tower¬†for the night and were able to spend some relax time together in their¬†Peak Health Club & Spa. She was over the moon, I can tell she misses her first born, only girl…not that I’m the favourite or anything ;-).

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I have to say I have never really found a hotel over in the UK like this before. I’ve definitely tried the standard to the country chic but the Jumeirah was out of this world. Located literally just of Sloane Street, the location and surroundings were beautiful. Everything from being greeted in my room by a model of Big Ben made out of icing and a selection of gorgeous macaroons, to the most delicious and varied healthy breakfast I have seen in almost any hotel, anywhere. All the stops were pulled out on this trip for sure.

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We had such an amazing view from the balcony overlooking the park. In the distance you could see London industry working over the Thames and watch one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world in all it’s magic.

The room itself was more like a suite with a separate living room area and it’s own Nespresso coffee machine. The bed was huge and probably as big as my super king at home, no complaints about comfort at all!

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In the morning, after trying not to eat way too much at breakfast, my mum and I headed up in a panoramic lift to the Peak Health Club. We sat in the oversized chairs of the lounge area, looking out over the gardens whilst drinking a glass of refreshing cucumber water.

My mum and I were both booked in for a full body ‘Spa Senses’ bespoke massage. This was well needed after spending the day before trekking around London with our suitcases. I am a complete massage freak and am a regular spa/salon visitor so I know what a a good massage looks like, let me tell you! Believe me when I say that this massage was the best I have ever had in my life. I have no idea what kind of recruiting process the spa¬†has, but it definitely works.

I’m a lover of deep tissue massage and Tiia, my therapist was just brilliant. She used her elbows and forearms a lot and it really was an amazing technique. My mum had a different therapist but she came out of her treatment like a zombie and said exactly the same as me. If you ever want the best massage in London I would say give this a go. It will cost you a fair bit but it’s money well spent in my opinion.

The spa uses a range of brands such as HydraFacial, PHYTO5, SKEYNDOR and Deborah Lippmann and have a really great selection of treatments available. We also took full advantaged of the spa pool and jacuzzi before heading of home. I am now dreaming of my next massage but I doubt it will be anything like this one.

A stay at the Jumeirah starts from £342 per double room, per night.  For more information or to reserve a room visit www.jumeirah.com/jct.

What is your favourite way to relax or take time out?

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    i love travel blogs, if i run to short in time i always read them and take inspiration of destinations i can not visit so quick , well done

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