An Introduction to Arbonne

An Introduction to Arbonne

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Like most I had not even heard of Arbonne. On my quest of beauty discovery I came across Sophie Alloway, a Arbonne consultant. She talked me through the brand, its message and allowed me to sample some of their fantastic products. A user of Arbonne products herself, she was able to give me tips on what best to use and the benefits of going with natural products.
A brief history…Founded and developed by Petter Mørck in Switzerland 1975. A vision to create a skincare brand based on botanical principles and scientific insight, has lead to an environmentally friendly world wide group of consultant selling. From their biodegradable courier packaging to their paraben free products, this brand really stands by their promise, Pure, Safe, Beneficial.

Arbonne really cover a wide spectrum of lifestyle products from baby, to beauty and fitness, there is surely something that will suit everyones need.
The products feel lovely and smell amazing. Knowing that there are no harmful ingredients really is a bonus and makes trying a new brand more appealing.
Some of my favourites include the Tahitian Lip Smoother and the Purifying Sea Soak.

I tried out some of the make up range to see how it compared to high street and high end brands. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Arbonne have some great colours on offer and are in keeping with autumn/winter trends with the darker shades. The quality of the make up is also something to be praised. The eyshadows were lovely and smooth, the foundation and primer had such a silky feeling and the lipsticks were so creamy and rich. One of my favourite products was the Mattifying powder. Used like a regular powder but without the colour. It simply gives you a nice coverage and prevents oily t zones for those days you just want to keep it super casual. It’s is even great for going to the gym.
Arbonne is defiantly a brand worth trying. Great for people with skin conditions and problematic areas. If you are a bit sensitive to some of the harsher brands, then this may be a good choice for you.
Its more a lifestyle brand than a skincare range and will find a place to fit in to every part of your personal wellbeing!
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