Battling Hair Problems; Best Hair Products

Battling Hair Problems; Best Hair Products

I have struggled for years with my hair and had a few accidents along the way. Up until two years ago my hair was nearly down to my waist and then I made a crazy decision to bleach the ends and that ended in complete disaster! It all broke of and I ended up having to cut my hair to above shoulder length!
Throughout the years I have also chemically straightened my hair to control the frizz.

My hair is now starting to grow back and is nearly to my shoulder blades when straight. Don’t think it has been an easy journey!
I’ve spent so much money on various treatments and really expensive shampoos and conditioners but now I have my haircare routine sorted and none of the products I use are overpriced….so thats a bonus!
I want to share my favourite products with you guys to hopefully save you all the hassle of the hair journey and to help you get longer, stronger and more nourished hair.
My hair type – Dry, Coloured, Frizzy
It’s really important to look after your hair and I mean more than just shampoo and conditioner. Try and use a treatment/mask on your hair once a week. This will dramatically reduce the dryness of your hair and is great for coloured hair as colouring is literally striping the colour away from you hair along with the properties that keep it soft and shiny!
A good shampoo is great and really the only way to degrease and get rid of any unwanted flakes. I find that shampoos that really foam well and smell amazing are the most appealing. I often go for shampoos with added plant extracts. There are also alternatives to shampoo in the form of rinses which are more organic and have less chemicals added.
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Like a treatment but not as time consuming, conditioning is the most vital part of your haircare routine. When you shampoo you are again striping the hair of all it’s moisture so its super important to give this moisture back to your hair somehow!
Make sure you leave your conditioner on for at least 1 minute to give it time to work. Also, you need to thoroughly massage and comb through the hair to reach every part.
I always use a deep conditioner and then apply a leave in conditioner as well just because my hair is so dry. This definitely helps!

All the heat used in styling completely drys out the moisture you’ve just soaked up during conditioning! You absolutely must use a heat protector spray and also apply a serum or hair oil after you’ve finished with the straighteners! This will keep your hair looking gorgeous and will also help the style to stay all day.
I will also say that it’s fine to use mouse, gel and hairspray especially if you follow my tips and maintain your hair!

I really hope this guide will help you guys and you start to see the benefits quickly!

Do you have any ‘magic’ hair tips or tricks for smooth silky hair? Let me know, comment below!


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  1. February 19, 2018 / 9:18 am

    Hi, I have been suffering from hair problem and my hair is so thick. Selecting the suitable shampoo and conditioner to the hair is best valuable treatment always and that’s why the blog is good for me to battle the hair problems.

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