Exploring Bath; A City Trip

Exploring Bath; A City Trip


 I recently took a trip to Bath with Lush. This was actually the first time I had been to bath and I really had no idea what to expect, besides the Roman baths! Obvs!
I trained it down and dragged my wheelie round London Underground. Always fun!
The train goes straight from Paddington to Bath Spa so wasn’t too bad really!
The station in Bath is not too far from the centre of the city so it makes travelling quite easy. Also taxis are quite reasonably priced as well. I stayed in a cute boutique type hotel called The Queesnbury, that was made up of 4 town houses and reminded me of Hogwarts inside with the winding staircases.
I was pleasantly surprised by this city and was met with cobbled streets, small alleyways and victorian style cafes and shops. There seemed to be an abundance of afternoon tea type places and so many restaurants and eataries.
I ate lunch in the very old and famous Sally Lunns which has been in Bath since 1680 and is actually in the oldest house in bath and has been standing since c.1482! They are well known for their Sally Lunn bunn apparently.
Dinner was a real treat and part of the fun of this trip was experiencing Bath with great company. I got to spend time with a lovely group of girls and made some new friends, including the lovely Clare who seems to be in nearly all my pics when looking back through my camera…lol!
Lucy and Lydia, Carly Rowena, Kate Snooks and the cutest Youtubers, the Mandeville sisters all made for a great time!
We all took a dip in the Cross baths which was definitely an experience as it was bloody freezing outside and the baths were open air! Getting in to the very warm waters was amazing but getting out…not so much lol!
The Cross baths also hold a lot of history as they were built on a Celtic worship site which was there before the Roman baths and is the reason the city is actually named Bath Spa….who would have guessed!
Hopefully I am heeled and revitalised from it 😉

The shopping in Bath was also really surprising…in a good way! I spotted quite a few high street stores and also some more up market like Kiehl’s, Jo Malone and Ted Baker! Note to self…..next time I definitely have to allow more time for shopping!
Really fell in love with this place and I’m sure to go back at some point I hope!
I will be posting more about Lush soon so keep an eye out!

Have you been to Bath? What European city has left an impact on you?

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  1. March 11, 2016 / 12:09 am

    Omg ! I love your blog ! these pictures are so fun !

    • Natascha Cox
      March 18, 2016 / 9:44 pm

      Thanks Alicia, glad you are enjoying xx

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