Exploring New York

Exploring New York

As you know I’ve been over in New York for the past few days with Matt and it was our first trip to the US together, Matt has been several times on his own but I have never quite made it before. It seems I have travelled the world but have always fallen short of North America. The closest I have come is Mexico.

The journey from the airport took us through Queens and to be honest it wasn’t the most scenic of routes. Kind of put me off as first impressions go. Luckily our hotel was right in the city centre, just off 5th Avenue, Midtown. Times Square and Broadway were only a 5 minute walk and Grand Central station about the same in the other direction.

The Mansfield Hotel, was perfect for restaurants and shopping as the big names New York is famous for such as Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Bergdorf Goodman and SAKS 5th Ave were literally a straight walk down the road.​Designer brands also line 5th Avenue, with Valentino, TIffinays, Burberry, Chanel, Dior and Gucci amongst them. Hotel rooms are quite small in central NYC but we were lucky enough to get this fantastic suite with a fully stocked mini bar and TV channels you can actually watch!

One of the best things about shopping in another country is finding the brands that aren’t widely if at all available back home in the UK. My favourite find was Ann Taylor. A couple of UK available brands like Banana Republic and Sephora were also great to shop.
There was so much on offer in New York and although I’m not the most touristy of tourists I still found it interesting to see how New Yorkers live. We even waved down a yellow cab on the way to Central Park and caught the Statue of Liberty whilst driving over the Brooklyn bridge. It was also a sight to see the Mayor of New York drive past with a squad of armed guards….and a bit scary!
One of the worst things for me was traipsing down to the comic book store for Matt who is in to collectable toys so it was like being in heaven for him. Not my cup of tea at all, although I must say I’ve never seen anything like it!

Although we were only away for 4 days it was a perfect amount of time for shopping and eating out,  a great little city break and I would definitely recommend this destination to anyone that hasn’t been before or even those that have. New York is staying on my list of places to visit time and time again! So farewell NYC, see you next time!

Any tips for my next visit?
Where have you stayed in New York and was it any good?

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