Happy Feaster from Iceland!

Happy Feaster from Iceland!

Happy Feaster from Iceland! Easter flower wall

You probably can’t believe that it’s even approaching the end of March, let alone Easter! Luckily, the sun seems to have started to show it’s face again. Although there is still a bit of snow on the ground, it’s slowly starting to feel like spring. I always think it’s nice to make a big deal out of Easter, it breaks up the year a bit and gives us all a chance to have a festive get together with the whole family. Let’s not forget that we are never too old for Easter eggs either…. so here’s to a Happy Easter from Iceland! oh yes and me too of course 🙂

Happy Feaster from Iceland! Lifestyle blog UKHappy Feaster from Iceland! Luxury Salted caramel truffles Happy Feaster from Iceland! UK lifestyle bloggerHappy Feaster from Iceland! Iceland chocolate Easter eggs blog UKHappy Feaster from Iceland! Neil nugget at easter cooking eventHappy Feaster from Iceland! Easter blog post UK Happy Feaster from Iceland! Lifestyle blogger UKHappy Feaster from Iceland! Iceland easter food recipes

Now I don’t know about you, but there are two very important things that I love about Easter. One is chocolate Easter Eggs of course, but the other is Hot Cross Buns. I know it seems as though they’re always around, but they somehow seem to disappear in to the background for the rest of the year and then suddenly reappear everywhere as soon as the end of Feb is looming. I’m very particular about my buns. If they’re not right then I will definitely not be happy! The perfect bun is moist, doesn’t contain random bits of other dried fruit (raisins and sultanas only please) and is very sticky. Iceland have the perfect set of Luxury Hot Cross Buns this year so they are certainly top of my list for Easter 2018. However, I do have to remember that a pack of 4 is meant to be shared….

As you have probably guessed by now, I went along to a great event with Iceland last week, the “Iceland Feaster” dinner was spectacular! Head chef and product development mastermind Neil Nugent was working his magic in the kitchen as usual and turned the modest Hot Cross Bun in to a mouth tingling Welsh Rarebit. This was a first for me. I’m such a fussy eater normally so kind of avoided it for a few minutes and then gave in. So glad I did, it was delicious and super easy to make at home.

Iceland have tons of simple but delicious recipes available on their website to download. Cooking can be super easy and tasty using their convenient frozen ingredients. Many come ready prepped too, making it even easier to create a great meal.

Happy Feaster from Iceland! Neil nugget chef cooking blog

Happy Feaster from Iceland! Fishcake Easter food UK Happy Feaster from Iceland! Easter dinner recipe ideas UK blogHappy Feaster from Iceland! Easter dinner lifestyle blogHappy Feaster from Iceland! Easter egg fishcake food blog UK

Creme Fresh, mustard and an Easter Egg shaped Fishcake with the perfect soft boiled egg in the middle….yum! Yet another of Neil’s delicious creations made from Iceland’s frozen fish and Mashed Potato pellets. Served on a bed of hay just for that added Easter touch. This is so easy to make. The fact that you don’t have to peel and mash a hundred little potatoes is a total bonus! It’s so funny how many different combinations that you never thought would work well together, are just magical. There really is an art to being a Chef and creativity is at the heart of it.

Happy Feaster from Iceland! Turkey easter recipe blog post UKHappy Feaster from Iceland! UK good lifestyle blog Happy Feaster from Iceland! Luxury pistachio and raspberry pavlova Happy Feaster from Iceland! Luxury pistachio and raspberry pavlova UK food blog

On to the main event! I’m not sure Turkey is my first thought when it comes to Easter, it’s unusual as people normally tend to go for lamb. But who said normal is best anyway? Turkey is super healthy and normally a treat reserved for Christmas in our house. It was definitely a welcomed surprise to dine on such a delicate dish with an Easter twist.

The genius’s in the Iceland kitchen prepared a gorgeous, gourmet British Turkey Crown with Asparagus & Cranberry Mole. Topped off with an edible Easter Egg Shell and Quinoa. It’s no wonder Iceland have won the Which? Online Supermarket Of The Year award two years running. I’m sure they’re on their way to a third year too!

It was such a lovely event and to finish of the spectacular dinner, we were served an incredible Luxury Raspberry & Pistachio Layered Pavlova. This is one of Iceland’s signature deserts from their luxury range. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and tart, a great finish to any Easter meal.

Tell me, will you be cooking for your Easter meal?

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