Holiday Prep & Beauty Routine

Holiday Prep & Beauty Routine

I am so excited right now as I’m off to the Maldives for the first time ever in just two days time! I really can’t wait to get away from the rain, today was so foggy as well.

Going on holiday is well deserved this time round! It feels like so long ago since I last had a break from kids and just sat on the beach all day!
Before I go on a beach break I always like to get holiday ready with my ‘holiday beauty routine’!

First off it’s really important to get your skin in optimum tanning condition. Follow my little guide for silky tan ready skin!

Frank Body Scrub
Monu Aromatic Face Mask

This body scrub is made with brown sugar & sea salt, cold pressed almond oil and robusta coffee. It leaves you skin extra smooth and moisturised. Use before waxing or shaving to get out all those horrible ingrown hairs and to get rid of the top dead layer of flaky skin. You absolutely have to do at least this especially when leaving a cold country in winter to go on a beach holiday as you have way more dry skin in winter.
Make sure you use the scrub before a shower/bath!

Next up, prep your face so you don’t have to worry too much about wearing make up on holiday. Use the aromatic face mask to bring out all of the impurities in your skin. It’s a heat mask/clay mask so draws out all the nasties really well and leaves a smooth feeling afterwards. You can try a mild face scrub before hand to take off any dry skin as well.

Any beauty routine has to involve a bath! 🙂
I’m using some of these lovely goodies from Bomb Cosmetics. My girls are obsessed with coloured baths at the moment so I’m using this ‘All that Glitters’ bath blaster and also a ‘Big Softee’ soap slice.

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Your feet are on show 24/7 when on holiday so I’m taking mine out of hibernation and giving them a bit of special treatment with this Starskin ‘Walk of Fame’ nourishing and cooling foot mask. This really helps to re hydrate the feet and when done after the body scrub and bath it gives an amazing result. Just what’s needed before applying two coats of my favourite nail polish!


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 I love Soigné nail polish and I’m trying out this new colour ‘orge’ for the first time.
It’s actually a really cute nude colour and I think it looks perfect for holiday nails!
Topping off with the gel look top coat which is literally the next best thing to a real gel manicure. It dries quite quickly too!

holiday prep - beauty blog tips

So now I’m all holiday ready and can’t wait to get on the plane, we’ll get off it anyway!
See you on the other side!

What’s your holiday beauty routine?

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