How Do You Like Your Coffee?

How Do You Like Your Coffee?
It’s Easter and on top of all the chocolate, I have been on caffeine overload for the past week or so on my mission to find the best coffee brand!
Coffee is kind of like a treat and so it’s not just the taste that counts when buying your coffee fix. The look, taste, smell of the coffee and of course the price tag all count towards finding that perfect cup!
There are quite a few well known coffee houses in the UK and the prices and varieties are hugely different.
I decided to pick four of the biggest that are local to me, to try out and compare just whats really available, Costa, Greggs, Starbucks & Pret-a-manger made my list.
I’m reviewing the same medium, black Americano from all four brands to keep it fair and consistent.


First up is Starbucks, I would like say that it was amazing as the brand really has a great image, but unfortunately the only thing great about this coffee was the cup!
Such a cool aesthetic and well designed cup but the coffee itself was weak and just not the best cup of coffee. Such a shame. Way overpriced, £2.45 for a medium cup is very disappointing 🙁
Taste: 2 / Aesthetic: 5 / Smell: 2 / Freshness: 1 / Value: 1
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Stop two, Costa! This has always been one of my favourite places to frequent. The brand is pretty strong but the look of the cup is middle of the range and a little bit boring to be honest, it could be better. The coffee on the other hand is bang on. The caffeine level is quite high and it tastes really strong and smells lovely. Slightly pricey though at £2.30 but no complaints otherwise.
Taste: 5 / Aesthetic: 3 / Smell: 5 / Freshness: 4 / Value: 3
Next up…Greggs. Really surprised at this one but this coffee was definitely value for money! Priced at £1.75 for a large cup, (you can only buy small or large) the Americano tasted really smooth and was quite strong. The cup was also nice in appearance and I really like the grey lid that Greggs have used. The coffee at Greggs is 100% fair-trade which is brilliant considering the price they sell it for!
Taste: 3 / Aesthetic: 3 / Smell: 4 / Freshness: 4 / Value: 5
Last but not least is Pret. A really smooth organic cup of coffee and priced at £1.85. The taste was good and it smelt lovely too. Pret only do one cup size, which is the same size as the other mediums. I loved the look of this cup as it was cute and slightly different to other coffee cups out there, the cute logo stirrer is a nice touch!
Taste: 4 / Aesthetic: 5 / Smell: 3 / Freshness: 3 / Value: 5
Overall I’m quite shocked with the results and really expected a lot more from some brands. It’s worth knowing that you don’t have to pay out a fortune for a good cup of coffee, especially if you are a daily coffee drinker!
Hopefully this will help you to branch out and discover a whole new world of coffee you never even knew existed and save some pennies whilst you’re at it!Which brand of coffee is your favourite and why?


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