How To Hide Rosacea, Tips & Tricks

How To Hide Rosacea, Tips & Tricks

Rosacea is a very common skin condition that affects many people and causes the face to have a red flushed appearance. The symptoms vary in severity and can be as mild as permanent flushed red cheeks or small red broken veins, to puss like blisters and raised rash like patches. Sufferes can also experience burning and stinging as well.
The condition can come and go but we all still need a little advice on how to reduce symptoms.

I recently came across a fantastic campaign called Experience My Rosacea. In a bid to raise awareness of the difficulties of living with rosacea this campaign challenges common misconceptions surrounding the condition.
I myself have a mild case of rosacea in the form of often flushed cheeks and red broken veins around the nose and on the cheek area.
Luckily I do not consider my case to be severe and manage quite well by covering it up with foundation and concealer.
Treatment is available to help with management and stop breakouts before they become worse, however this is more likely to be given out in severe cases.
A much more consistent approach to tackling rosacea is avoiding things that can make this condition worse and this is probably a more long term solution!
There are also various creams available and IPL, intense pulse light treatments can also help reduce the visibility of the broken veins.


Me without make up


Close up of the Rosacea on a normal day

Things To Avoid
Spicy foods
Hot drinks
Extreme heat or cold
Exposure to the sun
Strenuous exercise

Covering With Makeup
I don’t really like to wear too much make up and avoid it on days when I’m just at home. If I do have to go out in to the wild then I use the following to cover up the unwanted veins and redness.

1. Light coloured foundation
2. A skin tone foundation
3. A light Concealer
4. A light coloured powder

This assortment really helps to reduce the redness and give an evened out complexion. Be sure to use either a good moisturiser or primer first so that you have a good base to start with.
Don’t use both otherwise you will find that you get a sweaty/shiny face very soon after applying which will cause the make up to wear away much sooner!

Head over to for more advice and information on rosacea and tips on how to combat problem areas. Even if you are just looking to share your own experiences and find other rosacea related posts and stories, you can find a community for others with similar issues.
You can also join the conversation on social media using #ExperienceMyRosacea

Do you suffer with rosacea? What are you tips for hiding or reducing the appearance of it?
Comment below!

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