The Fashionable Sportswear Post

The Fashionable Sportswear Post

Part of the fun in training these days is that you can pick from so many cool outfits! I love to mix and match brands and colours as I find the co-ord rules don’t really apply with sports wear so it’s a time when you can dress a crazy as you want and no one will even bat an eyelid!


I like to train outdoors and I am not a cold weather person so its perfect for me when the sun is shining and I don’t have to traipse through mounds of mud puddles!
I love boxing, spinning and running!
When it’s NOT the perfect day, I wrap up warm in my fav sportswear and hit the road, if i’m not totally demotivated!


Love these Nike pieces from Zalando. Sportswear has so many vibrant colours and styles!
I always go for layers and love long vests to hide my bum! Also love a long sleeved body armour type top.
I recently discovered two things that I’m now trying out, a pair of micro massage shorts by Solidea. These can be for everyday use or worn under gym clothes and help with the appearance of cellulite….got to be worth a try!
The second is the Withings Activite Pop watch which is basically a really nice looking activity and sleep tracking watch. Like I said, I like to look good when I work out ;-0
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I’ve also been drinking this delicious 14 day Dtox’T tea recently and it is meant to help speed up your metabolism and stop cravings. It comes in a variety of flavours and the pineapple and coconut is my fav!
I must say it does help if I get a craving! It’s once in the morning and once at night, keeping my fingers crossed that it helps! lol

Shop the edit below.

What are you top motivational tips when the weather is getting you down?
Most fashionable sports accessory?
Comments please!

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