Upcycle With Jägermeister!

Upcycle With Jägermeister!

I have been using my creative powers this week to create an up cycled vase made literally from a piece of string and an empty Jägermeister bottle!

I always find that I have tons of old boxes and bottles/jars or cute new ones lying around. I’ve taken inspiration from my current bedroom and made something really easy that can just fit right in! We all love a good home accessory, especially when it doesn’t cost a penny….right?

How To Guide……

– Spool of thick rope like string
– 1 Jägermeister bottle (Empty!)
– 3 or 4 synthetic flowers
(Available form somewhere like Hobbycraft)

1. Wrap the bottle with string length wise and add small bits of glue to the bottle in the process
2. Continue to wrap the bottle but this time round the width. Do this until completely covered
3. Tie off the string and remove the lid
4. Use the wire inside the flowers to secure them to the string or bottle next

Piece of cake!! You can also change the colours by using fabric paint or different coloured string.

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