The Real Reason Why LUX Make Up Is So Damn Expensive!

The Real Reason Why LUX Make Up Is So Damn Expensive!

If you are a true make up lover then you know the difference between your average high street / drugstore make up and the luxury make up brands that you can only really pick up at the make up counter. When you see the latest releases and new colour collections are out, it’s one of the first things you want to get your hands on. The question I’m sure a lot of us have asked several times over is ‘ Why LUX make up is so damn expensive! ‘.

Why LUX Make Up is so Damn Expensive!

First things first…..

What Is A Lux Brand?

Lux brands by definition are luxury. I would personally say that brands such as Chanel, Burberry Beauty, Urban Decay, Guerlain, Giorgio Armani, Dior, Bobbi Brown and Charlotte Tilbury are considered lux make up brands by the majority of people. Yes, they do come with a hefty price tag.

Then there are brands such as Benefit, Bare Minerals and Zoeva which are kind of in between. Following this, you have high street brands such as Seventeen, Rimmel, Boujours and L’Oreal Paris. Not saying that any of these brands are bad, they have some great products and have really reasonable prices too. I do however thinks it’s really important for customers to know the differences between them. It’s also important to know what you are really getting for your money.

Why LUX Make Up is so Damn Expensive! Why LUX Make Up is so Damn Expensive!

Let’s starts with the obvious…..


Obviously the difference in the quality of a luxury brand compared to a high street brand is huge. You can see it as soon as you put one of each side by side. You may get the odd exception and don’t get me wrong I do love a bargain but as a rule, lux brands produce top quality make up across their entire ranges.

What do I mean by top quality? Well, after in depth research and a dabble in lipstick making a few months ago, I started to realise that a lot more goes in to the ingredients of lux branded make up. A hell of a lot more than goes in to high street brands….literally. I’m talking more pigment, more money and more of everything. These small differences mean that the product you are buying is longer lasting, smoother and believe it or not more hygienic. Even the shape and the design of your lipstick costs the brand extra to make it.

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Why LUX Make Up is so Damn Expensive!Why LUX Make Up is so Damn Expensive!

Which ingredients to look out for…..

Ingredients The Basics

Some ingredients can be quite expensive so when it comes down to deciding what is necessary in making a cosmetic product these are the ingredients that are normally left out. That or only small amounts are used. Unfortunately these neglected ingredients are usually the ones that give the smooth texture and long lasting power or deep, rich colour that we all love. Not that I’m a scientist or anything but I do read a little bit.

As a general rule, lux brands cover all the basis when picking their ingredients. To make sure that their product is the best of the best they ensure that they contain all the necessary ingredients to guarantee that long-lasting vibrant finish.

So what are the most important ingredients that lux brands use?

Beeswax / Ozokerite Wax OR Carnauba Wax – Thickeners

Shea Butter – Adds moisture

Dimithicone/Vinyl/Silica – Adds an extra silky texture for smooth application

Titanium Dioxide (Pigment) – Used in most red or brown coloured make up

Mica – Used to get the right colours, the more mica added the stronger the colour

Vitamin E Tocopherol – Used to give added moisture and protection to the skins cells

Isoeicosane – Used to add shine and silkiness in creams and powders

Trimethysiloxysilcate / Zinc Sterate – Used as a water repellant

Polypropylsilsesquioxane / Methadone – Gives long lasting properties

Polyisobutene –  Gives binding and staying power

Caprylyl glycol –  Used as an antibacterial agent and preservative

Why LUX Make Up is so Damn Expensive!  chanel-make-up-blog-post

Do you care what your blusher looks like….?


Believe it or not, the packaging that your beautiful new lipstick comes in, actually costs a hell of a lot more if you are buying from a lux brand. The cosmetic manufacturers either provide the standard plastic casing with the brands logo on which is very common in high street or supermarket brands. Or the brand can have custom casing and packaging made. Often black, white or silver are the stock colours. The gorgeous golds and rose golds like YSL and Charlotte Tilbury mostly use, are way more pricey to make. Even more so if they are a brand that change the look of their collection often.

If the casing is a shape specific to a brand, or made of metal type material you can bet your lucky stars that this has cost the brand at least an extra 50 pence – 1 pound to make. If the lipstick or blusher is embossed or has a unique shape, that also just cost the brand quite a bit extra to produce.

The gist of it is that lux brands are using quality ingredients and adding those extra touches that we all love. They are paying more out during manufacture and so obviously that cost is passed on to the customer, to you and me.

So there you are folks, now you know the ins and outs of what you are actually paying for and exactly why LUX make up is so damn expensive! I’m sure you will all be checking the ingredients on the label next time you are out make up shopping. Here’s to getting your moneys worth!

Do you mind paying extra for quality make up or do you prefer cheep and cheerful?

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