Why you need a Spa Break?

Why you need a Spa Break?

 Christmas can be a trying time, it’s so easy to forget that it’s still important to spend time on yourself and quality time with your loved ones. You have after all just spent a whole year at work!
Gifts don’t have to be material, I much prefer an experience for Christmas and what better than a Spa getaway?!
I was lucky enough to be invited along to spend the night at one of the UK’s top Spas this weekend, Ragdale Hall Health, Hydro & Thermal Spa in Leicestershire. This was a much needed and well deserved break ( well I think so anyway! ;-)) I have been to a number of the best spas in the UK and I have to say that overall this one definitely ranks amongst the highest.

This spa has been in business since 1973 and I can see why.
The facilities at Ragdale Hall are amazing and I have not come across another Spa in this country with anything comparable.
The site has an array of varying saunas and steam rooms to offer including a volcanic salt bath and colourflow caves. There is also a large indoor pool and a swim out area featuring massage fountains and jacuzzi spurts.
My favourite of all, something which I have not experienced before, The Candle Pool. This space was like a serene out of this world sensation. I opened the door and wasn’t sure what to expect. I then found myself walking downwards deeper in to water and then fully submerged from neck to foot under artificial starlight. I swam through a series of cove like pool areas and then found a neck pillow floating in one of the coves. The trick here is to kind of float and look up at the stars with candle light surrounding you. It was such a relaxing and new experience. Definitely recommended!


The food at Ragdale Hall was also delicious and included in my stay was lunch, dinner and a fabulous breakfast in bed which was a real treat! There is an emphasis on healthy eating here and the recipes and combinations on offer are very creative, even the the health conscious deserts!


I am a huge fan of spas and treatments. During my stay I had some fabulous treatments including a full body massage and a Pure Radiance facial.
The therapists here are really lovely and brilliant at their job! I completely nodded off during my massage and also during the facial. I even got a hand, neck and arm massage whilst having the facial done….could you ask for more?!?

This place is just great, no exaggeration needed! The service is very attentive which I absolutely love when trying to relax and enjoy myself. Putting this on my list to visit again hopefully sooner rather than later!
Check out my video below!

If you haven’t yet bought that Christmas present you were supposed to then go online and grab yourself a gift voucher for a fab spa day or overnight break. Vouchers start at just £25 so you can’t go wrong really and they are still posting out up until the afternoon of the 23rd…..Perfect!
Buy here!

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Special thanks to Ragdale Hall Spa



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